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Phone, Garbage Disposal and Smoke Detector Power

Telephone PowerSwartz Electric - Telephone Power

When power goes out in your home, remember, YOUR CORDLESS PHONE WILL NOT WORK IF THE PHONE’S BASE UNIT HAS NO POWER. However, if this happens you can still use any telephone that is plugged directly into a telephone outlet.

Garbage Disposal Power

Swartz Electric - Garbage Disposal Power

If your garbage disposal stops working you should:

1. First, make sure the power is turned off to the garbage disposal unit by ALWAYS making sure the switch to the garbage disposal is turned to the OFF position.
2. Clear out anything inside the garbage disposal which might be jamming up the motor and stopping it from working.
3. Briefly flip on the switch to the garbage disposal. Do you hear a humming noise? If you do, then there is power going to the disposal and the problem is that the disposal is broken or there is something stuck in it.
4. If you turn on the switch to the garbage disposal and you do not hear any humming noise, locate the small button that is somewhere on the disposal and press it to “re-set” the disposal. Then try turning on the disposal again.
5. Finally, try re-setting all the circuit breakers in your electrical panel to see if you can get power back.

To learn how to do this click here to see How To Reset Circuit Breakers. If none of this works, it’s time to call a good electrician.

Smoke DetectorsSwartz Electric - Smoke Detectors

Smoke detectors are great safety devices. But occasionally a smoke detector will start “chirping” or worse, sound a non-stop alarm for no reason. Here’s what you can do if this happens to you:

– If it’s a battery-powered smoke detector, take out the battery and replace it with a new one. If there’s still a problem, replace the entire smoke detector.
– If it’s a 120 Volt powered smoke detector (hard-wired), turn off your circuit breakers one by one until the noise stops. Then turn on all the circuit breakers again except the one controlling the smoke detector. Replace the faulty smoke detector and turn its circuit breaker back on again.

You will then need to replace the 120 Volt smoke detector or if it is a battery powered smoke detector, replace the battery.

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