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Workspace Lighting Levels

How Much Light Do You Need? Is There Such a Thing as Too Much Light? Just looking at that picture of a fluorescent fixture makes my eyes hurt - no joke! It's really bright, almost painfully so, especially when presented on an illuminated screen. This little problem is known as over-illumination, or too much of 'the luminous intensity per unit area of light travelling in a given direction... Continue reading

The Homeowner’s Guide to Power Outages

The Homeowner's Guide to Power Outages. Be Safe and Keep It Together. While you may not be personally familiar with it, there are regions of America that experience regular power outages or 'temporary voltage reductions', aka brownouts. These circumstances are especially dangerous because of their unpredictability and 'random' appearance. They can be caused by ice storms, lightning strikes, excessive power grid demands, and even problems at a power plant or transformer station hundreds or thousands of miles away from you. Continue reading

Adventures in Electrical Blog Writing

Adventures in Electrical Blog Writing. This week brought to you by the letters M, B, and the number 2. 2014/04/29 - That was my first 'official' blog posting here on, ever. Let me tell you something - writing is hard. Creative, interesting, educative writing is even harder. There are literally a thousand resources to help make my articles funny, factual, and intriguing. It does not make it any easier to sit down at a computer and spend minutes, hours, days, and sometimes even weeks... Continue reading

Electrical Safety in 2016

Electrical Safety in 2016. Take these lessons - learned the hard way - to heart! As we look forwards to the coming year, we here at Swartz Electric would like to remind you to be safe, protect yourself from dangerous or hazardous circumstances, and take care of yourself, family, and pets. Continue reading

Frequent Winter Service Calls

Frequent Winter Service Calls. Customers Most Common Seasonal Service Calls: Winter. One thing I have learned through the years here is that each season brings with it different electrical concerns. Our customers experience different kinds of problems throughout the years, but in the winter we usually face a couple of 'common' seasonal issues... Continue reading

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter – GFCI – Fundamentals

Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter Fundamentals. What A GFCI Is, and How It Works. One of the frequent problems our customers encounter is with a Ground Fault Circuit Interrupter - or GFCI - circuit which has either stopped working, won't reset, or tripped itself without their knowledge. Beginning in 1971, the NEC (National Electric Code) started implementing these protective devices. While initially required on construction job sites and in bathrooms ... Continue reading

When Should I Replace My Outlets?

When Should I Replace My Outlets? And why do I need to? I admit it - I take my outlets totally for granted. I plug and unplug stuff into them heedlessly, and just assume they will always do their job - until they don't. Continue reading

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Service

Signs You Need to Upgrade Your Electrical Service: When Should You Upgrade Your Electrical Panel? Your electrical panel - or electrical service - is the point where electricity from your power company enters into your home and is then distributed throughout your home so you can put it to use. Thanks to design and engineering throughout the ages, we regulate the quantity of power allowed to flow so that you do not do damage to your electrical panel, breakers or fuses, wires or circuits, and even your appliances and electronics. Continue reading

Great Things to Come for 2016

Great Things to Come for 2016. Tech Trends to Watch For: Last year, I made a couple of predictions for technology that I hoped were going to rule 2015. I was kind of on track, but kind of not - and this year, I want to improve my track record. While keeping it short and sweet, I want to pick out my favorite upcoming technology and watch it bloom into nation-sweeping trends - like the hoverboard, except useful, cool, and not explode-y. Continue reading
Swartz Electric, LLC has won the coveted STAR AWARD by combining superior construction product & excellent customer focus! This award has been presented to Swartz Electric, LLC by Pulse of the City News. Continue reading

Where I Went Right – And Wrong – 2015

Where I Went Right - And Wrong - for 2015. Comparing Predictions with Statistics. Last year, I wrote an article predicting what I hoped 2015 would hold for us as consumers (Great Things to Come) - in which I predicted that three things were going to blow up in our tech-based society: home automation, cord-cutting, and predictive, integrated personal technology. In the spirit of fairness, I should review how those predictions turned out - before presenting you with my predictions for 2016. Continue reading

Vote Swartz Electric for the 2016 Best of the Springs

2016 Best of the Springs. Remember - your vote counts! Hooray! It is yet again that time of year - when your vote matters! Please join us in voting for local Colorado Springs Businesses in the Gazette's Best of the Springs 2016! And of course, don't forget to vote for everyone's favorite electrician (at least yours and mine) - Swartz Electric! Continue reading

Happy 2016!

Happy 2016!

Happy New Year from Swartz Electric

Our year has been amazing – we are blessed by the best customers, an amazing staff, and a business that is growing every day.  We wish nothing but peace and happiness to everyone in the year to come.

Swartz Electric – Your Colorado Springs Electrician performs electrical work throughout Colorado Springs, Monument, Black Forest, Fountain,… Continue reading

Merry Christmas from Swartz Electric

Merry Christmas from the Swartz Electric Family! Continue reading

The Year In Review

The Year in Review - The Best of Swartz Electric in 2015. As the year comes to a close, it is an ideal time to look back over the updates, posts, and announcements we have made and see which ones seemed to have the biggest impact. According to our analytics history, these are the top ten posts that our readers have found the most useful. Continue reading

Amazing Electronic Gifts

Amazing Electronic Gifts - Cutting-Edge Technology for the Holidays! It seems overly indulgent, but the gift-giving holidays are the ideal time for doing something generous and amazing both to others and yourself. There are few things as awesome as finding that 'perfect gift' for someone you love - and watching the joy on their face as they unwrap it! I love giving, and in that spirit I have found you some amazing gifts that are really rare and unusual electronic toys. I hope you enjoy this escapade as much as I enjoyed finding these curious offerings! Continue reading

Holiday Lighting Tips

Holiday Lighting Tips - Decor Ideas, Safety Tips & More! Now that Thanksgiving has come and gone, that means it is now time for that holiday tradition both savored and dreaded - the annual hanging of the holiday lights. Is lighting an art form? Absolutely! Does that mean that every single one of us should go Griswold Christmas Crazy? Absolutely not - but definitely find that happy middle ground where you love what your house looks like AND you are safe, sane, and affordable. Continue reading

Thanksgiving Wishes from Swartz Electric

Thanksgiving Wishes from Swartz Electric Continue reading